High Quality Childcare, Preschool, & Kindergarten Prep in Everett, WA

two kids in a little tikes carTeachers at Starbright work with children individually to help them identify their own unique strengths and abilities. By having these strengths reinforced, children apply the self-confidence acquired to progress in other less-developed areas.

To help children reach their greatest potential in all developmental areas, Starbright offers fine and gross motor activities, self-help techniques, socialization skills, language arts, mathematical concepts, music and dance, computers, foreign language, and art exploration.

Our youngest children receive plenty of individual attention and warm nurturing as we work closely with parents to help children adapt to their learning environment. Preschool & older children take part in an exciting curriculum developed by Dr. Borgatta, an early childhood specialist, who is also the founder of Starbright Early Learning Center.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice & Hands-On Learning Centers

little girl writing at a table

Starbright uses developmentally appropriate teaching practices. Young children tend to gravitate naturally, and in their own time, towards learning experiences that they need. Research supports the idea of providing an enriched environment with varied learning centers in order to promote the greatest ease of learning for small children.

These centers provide children with the opportunity to explore and discover on their own terms, which is wonderful for young children who like to be in charge of their own experiences. Starbright’s teachers act as guides, monitoring the children as they play in each of these areas. As children grow from young preschoolers to older preschoolers to the kindergarten prep age group, these learning centers become more complex and varied.

Each classroom will have some or all of the following Learning Centers:

  • Blocks
  • Dramatic Play
  • Sand and Water
  • Woodworking
  • Puppets
  • Housekeeping
  • Language Arts
  • Creative Arts
  • Computers
  • Math
  • Science

Classroom Instruction

5 - teacher reading to students

Teachers know that young children learn best when they initiate their own learning experiences. Our curriculum is based on teacher interaction with children as a facilitator and guide.

Our youngest children receive a great deal of emotional support and nurturing as they develop relationships built on trust with adults. As children mature, they become less egocentric and more interested in what other children and adults have to tell them.

Instruction will include social skills, language arts, nutrition, safety, foreign language, music, movement, mathematical concepts, problem solving, and science exploration. As children mature in older preschool classrooms and in our kindergarten prep program, teacher directed instruction will increase.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

7 - son sitting on mom's lap for teacher conference

Formal parent-teacher conferences are an important component of a high-quality early learning program.

We conduct two developmental screenings each year for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Following this screen, a formal conference is held with one or both parents. The results of testing and future goals for each child are discussed.

If the parents or teacher feels a need to hold a discussion at a time other than the formal parent-teacher conference, they can set up a meeting time during center hours. The teachers and director are available by appointment for conferences addressing specific problems.


9 - row of kids holding hands for a game

Celebrations and holidays play an important role in every culture. Our celebrations are based on values and families rather than commercialism. During the Thanksgiving and winter holiday season, many stories and traditions are shared with all of the children. However, there is no discussion of God or specific doctrines.

In a search for balance and tolerance in a global community and world, both differences and similarities of all cultures are respected. The richness of traditions from many cultures are greatly valued and create the framework for our great country.

Beyond the cultural traditions, we also have fun with children’s holidays. We participate in activities related to Halloween, Valentine’s Day, the Easter Bunny, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and more.

Field Trips

13 - kids at the zoo

Exploring the community is important for the development of a child’s understanding of the world. Depending on the maturity of the children and parental involvement, field trips will occur once a month. Destinations will vary from factories, stores, dentists, museums, parks, to other sites where children can learn more about how the world works.

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