Early Childhood Education Programs Offered in Everett, Washington


Infants at a daycare center near Mukilteo, WA

Our state-of-the-art infant room enrolls up to eight babies from 2 to 12 months old. Two teachers nurture and stimulate these precious infants with beautiful playscapes and early learning activities. Colorful toys and soft elements permeate this wonderful environment for babies. You will be thrilled with the level of care and attention your baby will receive in this special place.


kids in classroom

We have two spacious but cozy toddler rooms that are ideal spaces for toddlers to begin their stay at Starbright. Even toddlers who may not have been with a group of children before will find our classrooms fun and comforting places to come to every day.

Teachers in these classrooms have their early childhood teaching certificates as well as college training, so they understand the needs of these little tykes. In our youngest toddler room, we have a 1-4 or a 1-5 ratio of children, with a maximum group size of 14 children and three teachers. Children in the older toddler room will have two teachers with 14 children. Older toddlers will remain in their classroom until they are physically and psychologically ready for a larger preschool classroom with a larger group size. We do not rush children out of their nurturing, intimate toddler environment, and make sure all of their emotional needs are met during this challenging stage of their development.

Preschool I, II, and III & Prekindergarten – Full-time & Part-time

kids in classroom

There are four full-day preschool classrooms available for children ranging from 2.5 – 5 years-old.

  • Our youngest Preschool I classroom has older two and young 3-year-olds who are mostly toilet trained.
  • In our Preschool II group, we have 3 and young 4-year-olds. These children are fully toilet-trained but often still in need of extra nurturing and attention. Preschool activities including literacy, social studies, science, art, and music are offered throughout the day.
  • In our Preschool III classroom, three- and four-year-old are learning how to play in small groups, learning to share, and becoming more organized in their manipulation of educational materials and toys. Most of their day will be taken up with play and fun activities, through which they can begin to learn self-discipline and self-help skills.
  • We offer a prekindergarten program to our oldest group of preschoolers ranging from 4 to 5 years old . Children will be participating in language arts, handwriting, math, and other more academic topics as they show readiness. A strong emphasis on the arts and problem solving will occur throughout our preschool program.

Music, Dance & Spanish at no extra charge!

Dave Hoffman has been a songwriter and musician for the last 30 years, and shares his talent with pre-school children, senior citizens, and people with disabilities. He has also been teaching others the joy of music for the last 10 years.

Parent Education

Parents & children at early child development center in Everett, WA

All parents attend a parent orientation upon enrollment with our program. During this evening session, parents are introduced to the positive discipline approach and classroom management techniques used at our school.

During this orientation, Director Jen Alaniz will explain our Shaping Behavior program, which is a five-step system used to shape your child’s behavior with positive discipline. These techniques will work not only in classroom settings, but also throughout your child’s life.

Other parent education classes may be offered, depending on the interests and needs of current families enrolled.

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