Early Child Development Classrooms in Everett

early child development Everett, WA

We currently have seven oversized classrooms filled with educational materials and toys. Children are grouped primarily by developmental stages and age groups in each classroom. We often have up to a 2-year age-range in each classroom.


Little Dippers: 2-12 Months

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Our state-of-the-art infant room enrolls up to eight babies from ages 2-12 months. Two teachers nurture and stimulate these precious infants with beautiful playscapes and early learning activities.  Colorful toys and soft elements permeate this wonderful environment.

There are two separate playscapes for both mobile and non-mobile infants so that our littlest ones are protected from their older, more active classmates. Blues and greens are the primary colors that soothe your infants and create a calm, relaxing atmosphere. You will be thrilled with the level of care and attention your baby will receive in this very special place for infants.

Sparkles: 12-24 Months

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The Sparkles classroom meets the needs of our youngest group of toddlers. There will be a maximum of 14 children in the group, with 2-3 teachers. The ratio of teachers to children will range from 1-4 up to 1-5. These toddlers are learning to walk efficiently, drink from cups, sit at a table with their friends, and participate in fun individual and group music and art lessons. Children will be learning to verbalize their feelings and begin to develop basic speaking skills. This warm, nurturing environment will both comfort and stimulate your young toddler.


Twinkles: 21-33 Months

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The Twinkles is our classroom for our older toddlers ranging from 21 months – 33 months in age. There will be 12-14 children in the group, with two teachers. They will be learning basic social skills as they develop appropriate language to express themselves. They need plenty of room to move and express their newfound determination to take control of their lives. Children in this group will be learning toileting skills necessary to move into the preschool program.

Star Gazers: Preschool I

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Our Star Gazers room is for our youngest preschoolers who are mostly toilet trained. This room is perfect for young 3 year-olds, as well as some older two- year-olds who may be ready for preschool activities, but who have not quite completed their toileting skills. Our group size of 16-18 children features two teachers and 1-8 ratio, which is lower than state regulation. We feel that these young preschoolers still need a great deal of individual nurturing and attention as they are introduced to early preschool activities.

Moonbeams: Preschool II

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The Moonbeam classroom has a group size of 18-20 children, with two teachers. Children in this group must be out of diapers. This rooms is geared towards three-year-olds and younger four-year-olds. Because they are still so young, these children receive extra attention and nurturing as they work on social skills and self-help activities. Rudimentary preschool activities are offered as these children learn how to follow simple directions and work in small groups.

Sun Rays: Preschool III

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The Sun Rays classroom has a group size of 20 children, with two teachers. Children in this room are generally four years old, although some older three year olds who are ready to start interacting socially with each other may also be enrolled. By Sun Rays, children are ready to identify their emotions and solve problems with words. They like rules and are able to follow directions with increased skill.


Starlights: Prekindergarten

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The Starlights classroom meets the needs of our oldest preschool children ranging from 4 to 5 years old. Children in this prekindergarten classroom are becoming more independent, interactive, and interested in teacher-directed activities. They are working in both small and large group activities, including music, movement, story-time, math, science, and language arts. Kindergarten readiness skills will prepare your children for their first year of school. Your children will be challenged to follow directions, interact with peers in educational games and group instruction, and become motivated to explore and discover new and exciting concepts in their world. Monthly field trips will introduce them to the arts, their community, and the people that make their world work.


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