Our Philosophy

little girl painting a picture

Starbright emphasizes creativity, self-discipline, self-worth, and a positive attitude in dealing with life. Children are constantly reminded of their beauty, intelligence, and uniqueness. Above all, emphasis is placed on promoting emotional security and happiness in each child.

Starbright supports the concept that children learn by playing. Playing is the child’s work. Hands-on toys and educational materials are the “texts” of early childhood classrooms. We do not push or pressure children to perform the more academic skills. Instead, we supply the environment and professional guidance so that when children are ready, they have the resources to grow to their greatest capacity.

boy putting together blocks

Many people in Washington State seem to think that children in early childhood education programs attend either “child care” or Montessori schools. This local misconception does an injustice to the growing field of early childhood. Young children who are enrolled in a quality educational program such as Starbright will receive the important nurturing and emotional support that is often associated with childcare; however, at the same time, knowledgeable teachers acquainted not only with Montessori teaching techniques, but also with many other newer methods will challenge them in their cognitive development.

Starbright offers an eclectic approach to teaching young children that does not rely on one theory alone. While the curriculum at Starbright offers educational activities that enhance both academic and artistic development, teachers understand the importance of developmentally appropriate teaching practices that precede teacher-directed methods found in elementary school.

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