Testimonials for Starbright Early Learning Center in Everett, WA

kids smiling at the camera

Please read what our parents have to say about us! We are always happy to give you referrals so that you may speak with our parents in person.

Roland R. wrote:

We have been sending our son to Starbright for a few months now. First it was just 3 days a week and now it’s 5 days a week. To say we are happy with him here is an understatement. We love his teachers, the attention to detail that the staff provides, and the daily reports we get. We also chose this location because there is security protocols in place (you can’t just walk into the facility and grab a kid). Our son has friends here now and adores his teachers. We also take advantage of the “parents night out” which is good for our sanity as well.

Monika Chen wrote:

My daughter has been at Starbright since she was 2 months old and she is now 2 years old.  I absolutely love the place.  The tuition is reasonable, the facility is very clean, and the staff is very caring and friendly.  I love the structure that the kids have.  My daughter and her classmates seem to have a better vocabulary and manners than most children her age.

 Ryan W. wrote:

Forever thankful for the care our son received here.  Felt comfortable from day one, and really enjoyed all our interactions with staff and care providers.  Highly recommend.

Jill Greene wrote:

Both of my kids have had wonderful experiences at Starbright. My daughter was there from the time she turned four until she started public school; my son has been there since he turned one. The staff pay close attention to each child, so they move to the next classroom when they are developmentally ready (instead of at a predetermined age). What we’ve appreciated most is how they teach the children to be kind, helpful and respectful of others. You’ll see what an amazing place this for kids to learn and grow.

 Rose Luskin wrote:

Great place to enroll your children! I’ve been able to experience every single classroom in the center and I was impressed with them all. My kids were loved and taken care of by wonderful and caring teachers. I had moved my youngest to another center due to distance and quickly learned that Starbright is one of, if not, THE, best daycares in the area. I went right back as soon as I could!

Jessica Lang wrote:

Sending your first born to daycare is a difficult transition (for the parents mostly), but Starbright has been an amazing facility where my daughter has thrived socially, has been encouraged to learn daily and the teachers and staff have become an extension of our family! They are amazing and take exceptionally great care of my daughter!

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