Our Preschool Teachers & Staff in Everett, WA

The teachers and staff at Starbright are selected for their professionalism, expertise, good attitude, and excellent teamwork. Starbright teachers experience excellent working conditions with higher than average pay, full benefits, and a beautiful, materials-rich environment. Our teachers are nurtured, supported, and loved, so that they in turn can love and support your children.


Our exceptional teachers are well prepared to educate and care for your children. Lead teachers are required to have an early childhood teaching certificate, BA or AA degree, or be very close to completion. Starbright salaries and benefits for teachers are very competitive, which means turnover is minimal. Teacher assistants are chosen for their interest in growing professionally. Many participate in college level course work in addition to in-service and community training sessions. No teacher working at Starbright will last if they aren’t ambitious, enthusiastic, and professional in their chosen career. Most importantly, teachers at Starbright love working with children. They are warm and responsive to both you and your children.


Katrena Magallon has been cooking At Starbright for 4 years. She cooks most meals from scratch and uses a large repertoire of nutritional tricks learned from many years of professional cooking. We use fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grain breads, and as little processed food as possible. Fresh fruit is served three times a day; with breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

Early Learning Center
607 SE Everett Mall Way Ste 13
Everett, WA 98208